D Ring Nickel Plate Sizes 25mm to 50mm

NP D rings
NP D rings
NP D rings
NP D rings
NP D rings

D Ring Nickel Plate Sizes 25mm to 50mm

Bulk discounts are shown below.

Welded D Ring. This listing is for sizes 25mm to 50mm. (Sizes 10mm to 20mm are in another listing). D ring size is the width of webbing that it will take (eg a 25mm D ring takes 25mm wide webbing). Choose your size in the dropdown box below - WD is the wire diameter and H is the maximum internal height of the D ring.

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Bulk Buying Discounts

VariationQuantity PurchasedPrice
25mm A (WD 3mm H 18mm)5 - 24£0.24
25mm A (WD 3mm H 18mm)25 - 99£0.23
25mm A (WD 3mm H 18mm)100 +£0.22
25mm B (WD 4mm H 22mm)5 - 24£0.28
25mm B (WD 4mm H 22mm)25 - 99£0.27
25mm B (WD 4mm H 22mm)100 +£0.26
25mm C (WD 5mm H 21mm)5 - 24£0.35
25mm C (WD 5mm H 21mm)25 - 99£0.34
25mm C (WD 5mm H 21mm)100 +£0.32
30mm A (WD 4mm H 27mm)5 - 24£0.28
30mm A (WD 4mm H 27mm)25 - 99£0.26
30mm A (WD 4mm H 27mm)100 +£0.24
35mm (WD 5mm H 28mm)5 - 24£0.32
35mm (WD 5mm H 28mm)25 - 99£0.31
35mm (WD 5mm H 28mm)100 +£0.30
40mm (WD 5mm H 31mm)5 - 24£0.44
40mm (WD 5mm H 31mm)25 - 99£0.43
40mm (WD 5mm H 31mm)100 +£0.41
50mm (WD 4.5mm H 32mm)5 - 24£0.50
50mm (WD 4.5mm H 32mm)25 - 99£0.48
50mm (WD 4.5mm H 32mm)100 +£0.46